Presentation of the Mission Tanzania project at the Tanzanian Ambassador

Meeting with Ambassador H.E. Mr. Samwel W. Shelukindo

This Saturday, I travel with Rosa and Baptiste (two new volunteers from the 2019 team) to present our mission, at a reception given by the Tanzanian Ambassador for the New Year. After a quick preparation we went to the evening, accompanied by Father Evarist SHIRIMA, of Tanzanian origin, who knows Mr. H.E. Ambassador H.E. Mr. Samwel W. Shelukindo. Very quickly the apprehension of speaking before the small assembly composed of directors and sponsors of Tanzanian associations, embassy workers and some other Tanzanian dignitaries living in Paris, disappears. The atmosphere and the welcome as we make it that in Tanzania take over. After the various presentations and the speech
ambassador, we are invited to eat typical dishes of the country. Many people then come to us, either to give us advice and contacts or to question us in detail about our project. All of them promised to talk about our mission around them. It was a very rich experience, which allowed us to make ourselves visible to the closest to the Tanzanian community of France and to expand our network. This year is promising for Mission Tanzania!

Yoann, former 2018 team volunteer