The project, the goal

The main goal is to promote intercultural collaboration around disability.

Idea 1

Every year, a team of ten French volunteers aged between 20 and 60 leaves for the mission.

Idea 2

Support Massaï people and help them in taking care of disabled persons, and support them in
developing their communities.

Idea 3

Support and help people (investigation, awareness) so that they take responsibility for their
future and their communities.

Idea 4

Our goal is to become useless (Jean-Pascal LOMBART, who initiated Mission Tanzanie project).


6 persons involved in the project


9 persons involved in the project


11 persons involved in the project


9 persons involved in the project


14 persons involved in the project


Mission Tanzanie project includes short, medium and long term. It can be
defined by the word ‘empowerment’, which involves supporting and helping the
Massaï people (investigation and awareness), so that they can take bigger action
on their future and their communities. “Our goal is to become useless” (Jean-
Pascal LOMBART, who initiated Mission Tanzanie project).

Our action in Tanzania is prepared all along the year, by correspondence with local partners who will receive us, by a study of available documents related to education, health, agriculture, and by group work on « on the spot »
– Before the end of the trip, and after a common reflection on the work done
with the team, we organise meetings with Tanzanian partners whose contact
might result in a future collaboration. With them and with the community
representatives, we choose new axes for the collaboration and we define as
precisely as we can the project to develop for the future mission, along with the contribution of future volunteers.
When back in France, we establish a personal review, we give a testimony of
what we lived during our stay in Tanzania, and we present the results of our
approach to our partners during an event dedicated to feedback.

Our project is framed for the long term. Constituting a supportive group with former volunteers and local partners is an essential task. They help prepare the new team of volunteers, so that our project may bear fruits on the long run.


The goals of sustainable development as defined by ONU (Organisation of United
Nations) point out the importance of involving local communities in development
projects, and Tanzania is one of the countries in question in this regard.

Tanzania has to face a high poverty level: 80% of the country lives with less than $2 per day.

We strive for the Masai communities in the North of the country in the areas of
Arusha and Kilimanjaro. The Congregation of the Holy Spirit, from which the
initiator of the project comes, is present in the country since 1865. As it is committed for education and health of communities, it represents today a federative authority locally. Jean-Pascal, who started the project and lead it during four years in France, created a solid network of active and reliable persons among the inhabitants since the nineties, as part of his missionary actions.

We focus mainly on the children protected by the International Convention of
Children Rights, signed and ratified by Tanzania, which is committed according to Article 23 to ensuring that “mentally or physically disabled children could live a full and decent life, in conditions that guarantee their dignity, favor their autonomy and make their active participation to the life of the community easier”.

Terefore, our concern is their disability, because this situation is barely tackled in this part of the world, and poorly accepted by Masai communities.

Our 2019 team

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Join us

The 2019 stay, mission Tanzania’s fifth stay, is scheduled from July 23 from Paris to August 14. Arrival scheduled for Wednesday 24 at Kilimanjaro airport. The preparation in four weekends will take place on December 1and and 2, February 9 and 10, March 9 and 10, May 11 and 12


Within the Congregation of Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritans; 30 rue Lhomond 75005 Paris.


preparation in four weekends will take place on December 1 and 2, February 9 and 10, March 9 and 10, May 11 and 12.


Via our contact form or by email.

Download our program

The planing of the stay (part 1)

The schedule of the stay (part 2)

The Tanzania Mission booklet

The health poster

The Health poster with a blue background, made for prevention purposes by the health group. They will be taught at clinics with the Tanzanian paediatrician. Our role will be to pass them on to our local partners, from their explained so that they can in turn teach them. They are in the Swahili and French versions (they are intended to explain or should be consulted according to a particular problem. And to show that if you do nothing, the injury, the handicap can get worse. Work done by Hugo and Mathilde in reflection and sketches and implemented on indesign by Olivier and Lucie).

The poster in French

The poster in Swahili

The education banner

The education banner, carried out by the education team. They are intended to define the different handicaps that exist. The actions adopted on a daily basis, and what to do according to each disability (to which to go) and the risks that one incurs if we do nothing. It also shows the potential of these people, an opening to the future.

Ulemavu – Handicap

In this group: Aude, Deborah, Sandrine, Baptiste, Anthony and Rosa in research and early drafts. Graphic director: Olivier, Anthony and Lucie

The banner in French

The banner in Swahili

Our flyer

Work carried out by the training team for the prevention of risks associated with post- and prenatal birth.
A team that is expected to operate in two clinics, Nainokanoka and Engaruka (Pauline and Oriane).

Our latest actions



Cleanliness and Associated Services of Nice and Pierrelatte

rotary orange club

Rotary Orange Club

immaculee conception

Immaculate School Of Cambrai Design

Organizing picnic sharing and recess inget (children pay to have a spread as a symbol of their commitment)

Support for Tanzanian children

Your donation will allow us to visit the regions of Arusha and Kilimanjaro
to achieve our goals and meet the needs of the population.

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