The mission

The actions envisaged

The 2019 stay, mission Tanzania’s fifth stay, is scheduled from July 23 to August 14, and preparation set set set set set set on December 1 and 2, February 9 and 10, March 9 and 10, May 11 and 12. Our ambition is to:

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  • continue medical visits with the help of the doctor and medical assistants from local clinics to the Massais communities in the two regions mentioned above
  • follow the handicap students’ clubs of Engaruka and Nainoknoka high schools
  • continue to raise awareness of disability in religious communities, schools, or at markets (creating new tools and implementing new communication techniques)
  • respond to the need for training from physiotherapists in the Nainokanoka clinic
  • monitor the progress and results of the survey conducted by Nainokanoka students for the census of people with disabilities in need
  •  Bring (if local actors mobilize) eyeglasses for albino children
  • prevention work around post- and pre-natal births, concerning unsafe pregnancies and childbirth (creation of tools such as posters and teachings)
  • Continue exchanges and proposals for collaboration (including twinning) with various educational and health institutions
  • establish a sponsorship system to promote medical care for people with mental or physical disabilities in the Maasai communities visited
  • establish a deeper relationship with the two Taiwanese groups of Mission Tanzania


Recruitment 2019 is now over but we remain at your disposal to answer questions, discuss, exchange… (I

deas may emerge depending on the motivations and skills of the 2019 team volunteers)

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Assessing the progress of the work

We make it our duty to make an assessment each year of what was undertaken the previous year in the interests of continuity.
We have a sponsorship system in place. We will ensure that the action and developments of the two disability committees of Engaruka and Nainokanoka, formed with the members of the four local institutions/authorities, are brought back.

The 2019 volunteer team

We are currently looking for ten volunteers from the age of 20 ready to commit to Mission Tanzania 2019, regardless of qualifications (although the medical and paramedical professions will be preferred). The commitment is to make it available four weekends in Paris to prepare the fundraising campaign and set up the actions, to make a financial commitment of 1000 euros and to agree to live and work in a group in the community Masai.

The volunteers’ contribution is to:


  1. Show an interest in fragile communities and thus promote the dignity of people
  2. Creating a lasting link with a community to support it towards sustainable development goals
  3. Mainly provide resources, skills and expertise for some areas where they are lacking in Tanzania
  4. To speak to the French partners who will support our work


The locations of the mission

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Monduli District